Brotherhood Dept

“Young Man I Call Upon You, Because You Are Strong!”

President: Deacon C. Buckle

Vice President: Deacon P. Powell

Asst Vice President: Deacon A. Bethune

Holy greetings in the matchless name of our lord Jesus Christ, our soon coming king. Indeed it is a pleasure to salute the children of God Via this medium. It’s a grand opportunity to spread the gospel throughout the world. The bible says “how can a man cleanse his ways, but by heeding the word of God.” On behalf of the brotherhood department, I would like to take the time to welcome to this medium and i pray that God continues to rescue and to save that which is/was lost.

I have always had a passion for brotherhood devotion. The bible says “young man i call upon you because you are strong”, and it is essential that both young and old realize the power and the responsibility that God has bestowed unto them. Continue to pray for our department as we strive for greatness and excellency in the Lord.



Brotherhood Choir