International Ministry


Bethany Cobbla, Manchester

Bethany Old Harbour, Growfarm


International Committee

The International Committee is one of the most powerful arm in the Bethany Apostolic Church. They are committed to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Not only to preach, but to feed the poor and bring clothes to those who are naked. We are gods hand’s and feet to visit the shutting and pray for the sick and those who can’t help themselves’. So we will travel all over the world just the fulfill the word of the lord.


  • Bro R. Williams
  • Bro J. Paige
  • Sis S. Buckle
  • Sis C. Wright
  • Sis J. Anderson
  • Miss H. Samuel’s
  • Miss M. Humphrey
  • Miss D. Wright
  • Miss K. Claire
  • Miss  K. Garrett
  • Evang A. Powell
  • Evang M. Murray
  • Minister M. Anderson
  • Bishop W.R. Anderson